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Welcome to the Latest Diet! Here you will find comprehensive reviews of the latest diets and dieting trends; the good, the bad, and the ugly. We have carefully gathered information from a variety of resources to give you the latest and best information about the latest trends.

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This site is dedicated to communicating and educating the general public on all the latest diet fads and exercise programs, routines and equipment.

As with any program to change your lifestyle and habits, please consult a physician before under going any diet modification, exercise program or taking supplements of any kind to ensure your safety. Thanks. Staff,

Exertools 12 Swivel Discs - Set of 2

Exertools 12 Swivel Discs - Set of 2

The Exertools(r) 12-in Swivel Discs comes in a pair and can be used to to help learn how to open your hips for an improved tennis stroke or actually feel the all-important concept of locking your hips for the backswing in golf. They can be positioned any distance and/or angular relation to each other offering infinite training possibilities.



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