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skyn Iceland Bio-Intense Healing Serum - 1oz

skyn Iceland Bio-Intense Healing Serum - 1oz

FREE Shipping. 115% Price Protection. skyn Iceland Bio-Intense Healing Serum with biospheric complex Symptom: When your skin is constantly subjected to the stress of a high-octane lifestyle, its ability to heal and repair itself is diminished. The result is a complexion thatís dull, exhausted and depleted. Solution: Bio-Intense Healing Serum is a powerful new weapon in the fight against stress-induced skin damage. This light-as-air, technologically advanced gel helps heal skin with super anti-agers Superoxide Dismutase and co-enzyme Q-10, two potent, cutting edge antioxidants that stimulate normal cell function and help prevent free radical damage. A bio-intensive peptide soothes away redness and irritation, while boosting skinís immune function . To top it off, oxygen stimulators help boost collagen production. Radiance, vitality and moisture are restored for luminous skin that looks as healthy as it feels. How to: Smooth a small amount over face and throat and follow with the ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion or Oxygen Infusion Night Cream. In addition to skyn Iceland's Biospheric Complex, every skyn Iceland product contains a number of highly beneficial ingredients that enhance it's effectiveness. Healing Serumís Bioactive Boosters: Yeast Polysaccharides, heal wounds and soothe skin. Bio-Intensive Polypeptide, derived from cayenne pepper boosts circulation, stimulates immune function and reduces redness. Co-Enzyme Q10 and Superoxide Dismutase, two powerful antioxidants, inhibit the formation of free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Oxygen Stimulators, help boost the production of collagen. Cocoa Fruit Ferment, a derivative of the cocoa bean, soothes skin and inhibits irritation. Sodium PCA, a powerful moisturizer, restores water balance in the cell structure.



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