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Health From The Sun's Diet 16.9oz

Health From The Sun's Diet 16.9oz - 10 herbs. 10 days. 1 result. is a comprehensive, all-natural, long-term herbal weight loss program for whole body health, weight loss, and detoxification. Burn 4 herbs ? Green Tea Leaf extract, Yunnan Tea Leaf extract, Bitter Orange Peel extract, and Mate bush leaf Increase resting metabolic rate and caloric expenditure Stimulate fat lipolysis, suppress appetite and increase energy Cleanse 3 herbs ? Sweet Fennel Seed extract, Celery Leaf and Tip extract, and Dandelion Leaf Aid digestion, increasing absorption of nutrients and the proper elimination of toxins Support normal bile production thereby cleansing, detoxifying and toning the liver, kidnes and urinary tract to ensure proper elimination of toxins and excess water from the body Purify 2 herbs ? Chicory Leaf extract and Artichoke Leaf extract to complement the cleansing process and help purify. Support normal bile flow from the liver, naturally increasing toxin elimination suppress apptetite Help improve digestion in the stomach and intestinal tract Tone 1 herb ? Cola Nut extract ? to tone and maintain vitality. Supports lipolytic (fat breakdown) activity Increases energy and helps diminish physical and mental fatigue Suppresses appetite contains approximately 14mg of caffeine per serving (capful) Directions: Shake Well. Dilute daily dose in 1 quart (32 oz) of water and drink throughout the day. Days 1-4: 4 capfuls in water Days 5-7: 3 capfuls in water Days 8-9: 2 capfuls in water Day 10: 1 capful in water Maintenance: Dilute 2 capfuls in 1 quart of water daily for 15 days. Optimal results are seen when the 10-eay diet program is followed by the 15-day maintenance program. The maintenance program can be used indefinitely. If desired, the 10-day program may be repeated after each 45 days on the maintenance program. View Supplement Facts (opens a new window) Manufacturer: Health from the Sun



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